*Announcement MRCOG-1 Exam will be held on **July 2, 2024**

MRCOG-2 July 24

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Med Instutors MRCOG Part 2 Course Features:

Comprehensive Virtual Library:

  • Summaries, Audio Podcasts, Syllabus Compilations, Question Bank (1000+ SBAs & EMQs), Flashcards, and Preparatory Videos.
  • Structured for easy access and quick learning.

MRCOG Part 2 Big Mock (Jan 2024 Exams):

  • Exclusive product designed for Jan exam candidates.
  • 500 SBAs & 500 EMQs, paper-wise just like RCOG exams.
  • Clear explanations, image references, and unrestricted mock attempts.
  • 1-Month Subscription.

MRCOG Part 2 E Course (Full):

  • Self-study with materials in all formats – summaries, audios, videos, and quizzes.
  • Module-wise structure for easy learning.
  • Revision note creation, clear explanations, and reporting features.
  • Unlimited retakes, promoting self-paced learning.

Complete E-Book for Revision:

  • Covers the entire syllabus following the RCOG Exam pattern.
  • Module-wise revision, accessible via StudyMEDIC Mobile App and LMS.
  • Student-friendly features like notes, bookmarking, and highlighting.
  • Compiled by expert MRCOG Part 2 mentors.

Exam Tested Questions (3000+):

  • Collection of 3000+ questions with summaries and podcasts.
  • Valid keys, clear explanations, and new RCOG online exam format.
  • Time-bounded mock exams with unlimited attempts.

Exam Essential Mock:

  • Rated best globally, structured module-wise with 500 SBAs and 500 EMQs.
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Quick Revision Mock:

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The MRCOG Part 2 exam consists of two Computer-Based Test (CBT) papers, each contributing 50% to the total mark. The papers include Single Best Answer questions (SBAs) and Extended Matching Questions (EMQs).
Each paper comprises 40% SBAs and 60% EMQs. The time management for Paper 1 involves 70 minutes for SBAs, 110 minutes for EMQs, and a lunch break. For Paper 2, candidates manage their own time, with a specific distribution recommended by the RCOG.
There is a combined pass mark for SBA and EMQ questions. SBA contributes 40%, while EMQ contributes 60% to the overall mark. The standard-setting process considers the exam's difficulty, and there is no fixed pass mark disclosed before the exam.
The exams are scheduled for January and July in 2024. The number of sessions may vary, and this year, there will be two sessions in July and January.
Exam fees are determined based on international membership subscription country bands. The cost depends on the location where the exam is taken, not where you live.
Candidates must have successfully passed the MRCOG-1 examination to be eligible for MRCOG Part 2.
The booking process involves creating an RCOG account, submitting an Expression of Interest, booking a country location, and scheduling the exam at a Pearson VUE test center. Med Instutors offers assistance through each step.
The exam covers a wide range of subjects, including 1.tClinical Skills 2.tTeaching, Appraisal and Assessment 3.tIT, Clinical Governance and Research 4.tEthics and Legal Issues 5.tCore Surgical Skills 6.tPostoperative Care 7.tSurgical Procedures 8.tAntenatal Care 9.tMaternal Medicine 10.Management of Labour 11.tManagement of Delivery 12.Postpartum Problems 13.Gynaecological Problems 14.Subfertility 15.Sexual & Reproductive Health 16.tEarly Pregnancy Care 17.tGynaecological Oncology 18.Urogynaecology & Pelvic Floor Problems
Recommended resources include SIPs, FSRH, BASHH, MBBRAC, Consent advice, Clinical Governance & teaching, TOG, GTG, NICE guidelines, and relevant books.

🔔 Important Announcements for MRCOG Part 2 - Key Dates!

📅 Wednesday, 3rd July 2024: Expression of Interest Closes

Act now! The deadline for submitting your Expression of Interest is approaching on July 3, 2024.

📅 Friday, 29th March 2024: Booking Window Application Opens

Exciting news! The Booking Window Application for MRCOG Part 2 opens on March 29, 2024. Prepare to secure your spot!

📅 Tuesday, 23rd April 2024: Booking Window Closes

Don't miss out! The Booking Window for MRCOG Part 2 closes on April 23, 2024. Ensure you've completed your booking to participate in the upcoming exam.

📅 Thursday, 30th May 2024: Results Released

Mark your calendars! Results for MRCOG Part 2 will be released on May 30, 2024. Stay tuned for your examination outcome.

Stay informed and be well-prepared for these crucial dates. For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to reach out. Best of luck to all participants! 🌟📚

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